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Real Estate Tax Deferral Strategies

The Power Of 1031 Exchanges and Delaware Statutory Trusts

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What Will You Get From This eBook?

Powerful Tips and Key Potential Benefits of 1031 Exchanges And Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs)

1031 Exchange

In-depth knowledge of the 1031 exchange and tips to enhance the value of your investments.

Calculating deadlines

Miss these dates, and you’ll face unwanted taxes on your hard-earned gains.

The Tax Component

Hard Work, High Prices, and Hidden Taxes: The Dilemma of Selling Real Estate

Delaware Statutory Trust

A unique opportunity to own fractional shares of real estate assets while enjoying the benefits of a 1031 Exchange!

1031 Exchange Boot Backup

Ways to utilize DST properties to overcome leftover Boot & avoid a potential blown exchange.

The DST Industry

Discover a fast growing industry projected to soar to a staggering $15 billion annually!

Unleash the Power of 1031 Exchanges & DSTs Today!

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Peter Marzo

A Word From The Author

"We pride ourselves on simplicity, transparency, reliability, and strong company ethics. Everything we do is guided by these principles which define our character and company culture."

- Peter Marzo, Founder & CEO

Topics Covered In The Ebook

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Part 1: Introduction To 1031 Exchanges

Part 2: Applying The 1031 Exchange

Part 3: A Viable Solution: Delaware Statutory Trusts (Dsts)

Part 4: Who We Are

Part 5: Glossary