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What if You Could Diversify Your Real Estate Gains?

Unlock the Potential of 1031 Exchange DSTs

My experience wasn't good, it was excellent. Peter knows his stuff! In addition, if unavailable, he returns calls usually within an hour or two. He explains, the pros and cons of the 1031 exchange and the DST options. Would strongly …More

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Bob Kaufman

I've had the pleasure, indeed the honor, to come to know Peter. In pursuit of excellence, he continually improves himself and his knowledge as reflected in his extensive & difficult to achieve line-up of certifications & licenses. His …More

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Scott Graham

Peter and his team did a wonderful job guiding me through my 1031 exchange and showcasing suitable replacement properties. He was transparent with the pros and cons of every property we reviewed. The closing process was surprisingly simple. Thanks again.

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Janet Johnson

Peter takes his job of representing investors best interests before his own very seriously and most importantly for 1031 investors has a sense of urgency. Unlike most DST so-called experts, he actually has worked both in commercial real …More

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Terra 1031

Exchange - X is a premier real estate investment partner. Their service level during and after the transaction is second to none. I highly recommend them!

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Buff Williams

New to the world of DSTs, I was hesitant to invest. After going through the process and seeing how simple it was to diversify my real estate portfolio, I will be purchasing more in the future. Great experience overall.

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Daniel Troup

Working with Peter has been easy and educational…he understands the various offerings and communicates in a fashion that makes it easy to understand and weigh decisions.

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James Hickey

Exchange - X is another muss - no fuss full service real estate advisor. Direct answers, Smoot transactions for 1031 exchange and very professional. Peter will help you through your 1031 exchange with the least amount of anxiety and problems.

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Rick Martens