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What is a Qualified Intermediary (Q.I.) in a 1031 Exchange?

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Real estate ownership can come with many complex aspects including property management, construction management, maintenance, leasing, etc.  Another very important aspect we have touched upon in detail is what a 1031 Exchange is and the potential benefits one can offer.  One might wonder how the Exchange process works and how to accomplishing a successful exchange.  […]

What is 1031 Exchange Boot?

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Any real estate investor who has performed a 1031 exchange understands the intricacies behind successfully completing the “perfect” exchange.  The idea behind a 1031 exchange is to cash in on profits, defer capital gain taxes and move your equity into better cash flowing assets.  As discussed in previous articles, there are strict 1031 exchange rules […]

Exchange-X – How it Works


Over the past few weeks, we have discussed many topics including what is a 1031 exchange, what is a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) and how investors can strive to build passive wealth by applying these powerful investment tools.   In this article we will uncover some important topics and answer the following questions: What is […]

A Solution for Your 1031 Exchange

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Difficulty finding suitable replacement propreties? Nearing the end of your exchange ID window? Difficulty securing financing Tired of property management headaches? Looking to diversify your real estate portfolio?   Real estate investing today is more competitive than ever.  Whether identifying the right investment, competing in an overcrowded marketplace, securing adequate financing, or fulfilling strict 1031 […]